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as a mostly self-taught artist, my portfolio doesn't stretch too far past my gallery of past commissions. however, when given the chance, I love using glass to tell the story of me; showcasing aspects of myself and my identity that I am still discovering more about through glass has been a blessing. here are some personal projects/experiences I'd like to showcase alongside my commissioned work.

Gallery B: Bloomingfoods

Inside Bloomingfoods West, a grocery store in Bloomington, IN, there is a gallery space: Gallery B. When I was a junior and still working at Bloomingfoods East, I applied to have work in the gallery space. In November of 2022, about a year and a half later, I was told I would have the space from April 2023-June 2023. Spilled produce, colorful panels, springtime flowers and winged insects, an eyeball mirror, and some plant related pieces filled the space. 

A Body Under Construction: Proceed with Caution

Gender Studies G450: Gender in Transition final project

With expectations of disclosure, specifically disclosure with certainty, the pressure to label yourself holds strong against the livelihood of queer individuals. I made this stained glass and chain mail chest piece to show ways in which the body can be under constraint while also being liberated. With mirrors over my chest, I first push viewers to mind their own business and look back at themselves in reflection. What does my chest mean to you? Who said you have any right to speak about my body? What can a queer, liberated body teach you about your own gender and sexual identities? About unwavering acceptance? What can it teach you about celebration? 

These mirrors are connected by lines of bright yellow glass. These pieces serve as a cautionary note. A cautionary note to myself and to others; throughout my life I have been pushed to explore my queerness with extreme caution. This caution tape around my body has slowed me down, discouraged me, and created complicated relationships between my body and self. With this project, however, I hope to push the caution tape onto the viewer. Be cautious of how you interact with the queer individuals you “support;” take a look in that mirror and ask yourself whose definition of ‘support’ should be used in this case? As a friend, family member, or stranger of a queer person, who should decide what it means to support them: them or you?

Pilchuck Glass School: concerning cycles

over the summer of 2022, post grad, I traveled to Washington state to take a course at the Pilchuck Glass School. Pilchuck primarily focuses on hot glass (blowing glass, flame working, etc.), which is much different than stained glass. with this experience, I was seeking more experience in the hot shop, a more formal artistic learning experience, and a community of people who work in glass. the course I took was titled 'concerning cycles' and was focused mostly on reusing materials, photography/videography, and performance art. put simply, the main objective was to get us out of our comfort zone. I could honestly write pages upon pages about my time in Washington, but this is already done on my instagram

for our final project, we were presented first with the challenge to create a glass vessel; with this vessel we were encouraged to make a video engaging the piece with the body. 

i began with the concept of glass and the body both being fragile and delicate, yet strong. working with glass is meticulous, requiring intentional care and power. it takes time. similarly, building of the body takes time, care, power, and intention. my body has taken time to get to a place of peace. the beauty of glass and the beauty of the body can each be seen on their own but can be enhanced when put together. however this intersection can also cause breaks. 

working with glass requires vulnerability- as you give time and self to a piece that can easily cause you physical harm. publicly exploring your relationship to your body has the same cautions. people either choose to help in the building of beauty, or they choose to break it. 

working in the hot shop and making these pieces was an entirely new and nerve-wracking experience. as i worked, i built these pieces with the intent to break them. despite this, breaking them has not come so easy. the glass is stronger than i expected. 

although the original assignment was to create a video, this project was presented as a performance. to show for my work, though, here is a collection of videos.

glass.brodz x regantakespics

for my last few months in Bloomington, I participated in several art swaps with fellow artists in the area. for this swap, a friend of mine who does photography, Regan Jones, took photos of a handful of our friends modeling my jewelry. here are some of my favorite shots!