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commissions are open!

a big part of what I do is making my customer's stained glass dreams a reality! this can be a window hanging piece (big or small), jewelry/wearable art, functional glassworks, etc! feel free to have some fun with your ideas.


here's how ordering a custom piece from me will work:

  1. you think about your ideas. you send me a message (see below) explaining your ideas (however vague or detailed) and giving me your budget (if you have one). 

  2. I will respond! I will likely ask a few questions, give you a vague quote for your idea's price, and send you a form to fill out

  3. you fill out the form with answers to the questions I asked and all important details! you also pay a $50 deposit that goes towards final price (unless you are commissioning jewelry)

  4. I will send you sketches based on what we have discussed and we will solidify a pattern and color plan. 

  5. I will let you know an approximate timeline and final price for your piece <3 

inspiration: (for more, check instagram)

let's start your custom commission process! 

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venmo: @glassbrodz

thank you and I look forward to working with you!! 


not ready to commit yet? sign up for emails to stay in touch

thank you =)

this section is only for customers ready to finalize payment for their commission!

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